Posted October 22, 2014 by Tony Tuason in Collectibles

Creepy Vladimir Putin Puppet now up for Auction

 If you’re into collecting puppets, then you might into the works of Christian Bially. Bially, is a famous Swiss puppet maker, whose creations have sold for more than $6 million, has created this creepy puppet based on the Russian leader – Vladimir Putin.

The 20-inch doll features Putin sitting at a desk writing the “Treaty of Acceptance of the Republic of Crimea Into the Russian Federation“. Putin  writes with a feather quill, beside a small oil lamp. Besides its jet black eyes, the doll also plays a lullaby music which makes it even more creepy and even terrifying. If you’re interested in this doll, good luck to you as it is set for auction in Cologne on Nov. 14 -15. The creepy Putin doll has no set price yet.






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