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Custom: Amazing Universe Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions)

Mikael Angelo Francisco or as his friends call him, “Mikko”, is known in AFP (Action Figs Phils) and CKP (Comic Kolektor Phils) as a BIG Spidey fan. He is a long time collector of Spider-man stuff and though you might not see his name among the country’s top action figure customizers, Flipgeeks presents to you one of his recent more than AMAZING Spider-Man custom, and let you decide how great his customs are.


Kyle Francisco Customs
Photos by Mikhail Tizon

This custom was based on the Amazing Universe version of Spider-Man in the game Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions which was recently released this September. You can view the launch trailer here, and a review of the game here.

Here’s the reference pic that Mikko used:

Head: Moon Knight (Marvel Universe)
Body: Captain Marvel (Marvel Universe)

(Click to view a larger version)

If you like to see more of Mikko’s customs, don’t worry because we’ll be featuring more of his customs, past and upcoming projects, so be sure to check Flipgeeks.

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