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Funko Goes Strange With Their Stranger Things Collectibles!

If you’re a Stranger Things fan like me, then you’re definitely up for a treat. Not only is the second season of the hit Netflix series coming this October, but more collectibles will become available even before we get to see Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will back on TV. Funko will be releasing their first wave of Stranger Things Pop! Pens and Stranger Things Dorbz!




Stranger Things Pop! Pens will be comprised of Barb, Dustin, Eleven, and the Demogorgon. Stranger Things Dorbz, on the other hand, will be comprised of Eleven, Will, Dustin, Lucas, Mike, and the Demogorgon. Upside Down Will will be a chase variant, and has a rarity of 1 in 6, as well as the ‘closed mouth’ Demogorgon. Eleven in a Benny’s Burger shirt will be a Target exclusive, and Eleven in a hospital gown a Hot Topic exclusive.

Along with the introduction of more Stranger Things collectibles, Funko also introduces its new collectible line — Vynl. Characters for the upcoming Stranger Things Vynl line will be Eleven and Barb in one pack, and Dustin and Lucas in another. These are designed by Kibooki, also known as @kibookied on Instagram, together with A Large Evil Corporation. We also know Kibooki as the artist of some of our favorite Vin Idolz, so we know that the new Vynl line would be a great addition to anyone’s collection.

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Stranger Things Dorbz and Vynl are set to be released between September and October. Meanwhile, the Pop! Pens are to be out on November. Funko has definitely raised the hype for Stranger Things Season 2! Stay tuned!

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