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My Little Pony: The Movie Gets the FUNKO! POP Treatment

A few months back, the My Little Pony entertainment franchise announced that My Little Pony: The Movie will finally hit the theaters. The animated movie is scheduled for an October release, and if you have already watched the trailer, you might have noticed that some of the ponies in the movie, for a time, were transformed into sea ponies. For us to be able to conceptualize better what sea ponies would look like in the movie, Funko has released glam shots of their My Little Pony: The Movie Pops. Among the five characters revealed by Funko, only Tempest Shadow is not in sea pony form. Does that mean Tempest Shadow would not get the sea pony treatment in the movie? So far, we have little information, but what we do know is that Funko has already released glam shots of seven (7) My Little Pony: The Movie Funko Pops. Here are the photos:



Fluttershy Sea Pony


Pinkie Pie Sea Pony


Tempest Shadow (Hot Topic Exclusive)


Rainbow Dash Sea Pony

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash Sea Pony Chase. Its rarity is 1:6, and looks like a translucent or semi-clear Funko Pop! with glitters inside.



Twilight Sparkle Sea Pony

Pop-MLP-Twilight-Sparkle-Sea-Pony-MetallicTwilight Sparkle Sea Pony Chase. Its rarity is also 1:6, and is painted metallic.

We know for a fact that initial glam shot reveals by Funko does not mean that we will be limited to just these figures. We know that as the movie date draws closer, Funko might reveal more My Little Pony: The Movie variants and characters. They might even release figures from different lines such as Dorbz, Mystery Minis, Vinyls, and more! We also know that Funko has produced awesome My Little Pony collectibles in the past, and some of these are already at a high value at present. We know that Funko and My Little Pony will be bringing out the best for their fans, so let’s stay tuned for updates!

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