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Homer’s Odyssey Relived in LEGO Bricks

From Star Wars to Harry Potter to Famous Celebrities, Historical Events: anything at all, you name it! Lego had probably made a counter version of it. Not to mention Literature too! A group of LEGO geniuses from the Virtual LEGO Users Group, (aka VitruaLUG – is a group of adult fans of LEGO) depicted Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad using LEGO bricks.

This massive literary glory is 20ft tall complete with Odysseus’s journey from Troy going back to his hometown, Ithaca. The diorama is currently an exhibit in Chicago for Brickworld 2014 as it was intended as an entry for the event. Well, with all its intricate details and nerdy LEGO touch, it won 1st place in the competition.

Looking at it through pictures may not convince you enough but its moving parts, lighting effects and even water movements would surely take you aboard with Odysseus!

The Odyssey is an epic written by Greek poet, Homer. The story starts with the ending of the Trojan War and Odysseus’s adventure sailing back to his home, Ithaca. With a mad sea god, Poseidon, at his heels, Odysseus had gone through a series of challenges (and it even took him years) before returning to his kingdom.

Check out some of the images below:

Preview of LEGO Odyssey

Odyssey fleet at lego sea

Odysseus in Circe's island


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