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Kids and Collectors Rejoice, PEZ Candies 2017 Is Here!

PEZ is considered as the first interactive candy, and has more than 3000 different collectible dispenser designs. There are over 6 million PEZ collectors worldwide, and a PEZ museum was even built in the US. It all began with a peppermint breathe mint, originating in pocket tins. Edward Haas III, a candy maker, had a dream of creating an alternative to smoking,. but little did Haas know what his dream would blow up to be.

Why do people collect PEZ? Kids love them and adults who loved them as kids seem to have a soft spot as well. Aside from its tasty candies, PEZ features a wide variety of characters from mainstream pop culture that both adults and kids have a connection with.

Several distinguished people have graced the tops of PEZ dispensers, ranging from U.S. presidents to the recording artists such as KISS, One Direction and Jessie J.


  1. Calling all 90’s kids! Coming in May 2017, PEZ introduces new characters from Nintendo like “Princess Peach and Donkey Kong” with its old characters Mario and Yoshi.
  2. Paw Patrol coming in July 2017; action pet dogs to the rescue is now on PEZ alongside its TV Series with 2 Chase and Skye.
  3. DC Super Hero Girls is coming in September 2017 because in today’s society strong, independent women is the way to go. Also, DCS will be having its own scanned code play app.
  4. Justice League is coming in September 2017, in time for the Justice League movie release because who doesn’t like your favorite superheroes dispensing you a candy?
  5. How about something sweet? PEZ PH will be launching its new candy flavor refill: Mango-mix! (Cola, Raspberry and Mango) So, if you’re curious wait for it on May 2017.

PEZ Super Mario coming in May 2017.


PEZ Paw Patrol coming in September 2017.


PEZ DC Super Hero Girls coming in September 2017.


PEZ Justice League coming in September 2017.


PEZ_Play_logoPEZ Play is a special innovation, marking PEZ’s entry into the digital age. PEZ Play turns classic PEZ products into an entertaining and interactive experience on smartphones and tablets, thus making them even more tangible for kids and adult gamers alike. With PEZ Play, PEZ is once again demonstrating the brand’s ability to keep up with current trends.

Simply download the free PEZ Play app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, collect and scan candy codes, and away you go! Collect the candy codes in packs of PEZ Fruit Mix or on selected PEZ dispenser boxes. As if by magic, the fruit will find its way back to your island and the fun and tricky games can begin! There are six fruits in all and thus also six different worlds and candy codes. The child-friendly games encourage children to demonstrate their creativity, skill and ability to remember things, and basically have fun!

You can look forward to adventures with Transformers in 2017. So, don’t miss out on the fun and games and be sure to get your PEZ Transformers dispensers in good time! Each dispenser will feature a code to unlock a specially designed PEZ Transformers game.


PEZ Play Transformers

With this exciting line-up of activities, we hope to welcome you in the World of PEZ.
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