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Scott Pilgrim’s RAMONA FLOWERS gets the MONDO treatment


After the long wait, Mondo and Brian Lee O’Malley have finally announced details of the Ramona Flowers Collectible Figure. An American expatriate, ninja delivery girl, and traverser of subspace, Ramona is the object of Scott Pilgrim’s love. Too bad she’s got seven evil exes he must defeat. The Ramona Flowers Collectible Figure, from the Scott Pilgrim comic series, is based on the art of creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, features 7 points of articulation with interchangeable accessories.

The Ramona Flowers Collectible Figure is approximately 8.75″ tall and includes different accessories such as a Titanium Baseball Bat, Large Hammer, Subspace Suitcase & Strap, and 2 interchangeable r  ight arms. The Ramona Flowers Mondo Exclusive Collectible Figure, it includes an additional interchangeable “Scott Pilgrim in Subspace Suitcase” accessory. As of now, the collectible figure is available for pre-orders with an expectation of shipment on the 1st quarter of 2017.

Ramona Flowers Collectible FigureRamona Flowers Collectible Figure (Mondo Exclusive)


(L) Ramona Flowers Collectible Figure, (R) Ramona Flowers Collectible Figure (Mondo Exclusive)

The appearance of the figurine is based on the fourth volume of the series, Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together, during Ramona’s fight with her fourth evil ex, Roxie Ritcher. This is the first Ramona Flowers figure to be released and according to a tweet from its creator, if things go well we might see more figures of difference characters in the series.



Both figures are expected to ship at the 1st Quarter of 2017.

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