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DC Animated

DC Animated has always been one of the favorites from DC Collectibles and the line keeps on getting better! DC Animated will be releasing packs from Batman Beyond, The Dark Knight as well as an all-female Girls Night Out pack. However, the show stealer from the DC Animated line is none other than Batman’s Batwing! A 36” long aircraft that features working lights and space to place two action figures. It is best partnered with the recently released Batmobile.

DC-Animated-Clayface DC-Animated-Girls-Night-Out DC-Animated-Holiday-Joker DC-Animated-Scarface-Joker-Harvey-Bullock-Talia-Al-Ghul DC-Animated-Tales-of-the-Dark-KnightDC-Animated-Batwing


The DC Animated line will feature:

Batman Beyond 3 pack
Tales of the Dark Knight 3 pack
Girls Night Out 5 pack
Holiday Joker
Classic Joker
Harvey Bullock
Talia al Ghul
Deluxe Clayface
Light up Batwing

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