Posted March 7, 2012 by Earl Maghirang in Collectibles

Marvel and Art Asylum Formally Reveal Amazing Spider-Man Minimates

Marvel and Art Asylum has officially revealed the new “Amazing Spider-Man” minimates for the upcoming movie starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

The new minimates will be available from two stores. One set will be sold through Toys R Us (TRU in the US) and the other set will be sold through specialty stores such as your LCS.

Here’s the breakdown for the regular set:

  • Peter Parker and Spider-Man
  • Battle-Damaged Spider-Man and The Lizard
  • Uncle Ben and SWAT Officer (exclusive)
  • Aunt May (rare variant) and SWAT Officer (exclusive)

Yeah so it seems like the variant for this would be Aunt May while the regular would be Martin Sheen’s Uncle Ben. Waitaminute! Why would Aunt May be the variant when it should be Uncle Ben since he dies? I dunno about that.

The Toys R Us Exclusive Wave


This particular wave ditches Peter Parker’s aunt and uncle and replaces them with Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy together with her father Captain Stacy.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Peter Parker and Spider-Man
  • Battle-Damaged Spider-Man and The Lizard
  • Vigilante Spider-Man and Captain Stacy (exclusive)
  • Gwen Stacy and Dr. Curt Connors (exclusive)

Totally cool set here would be the vigilante Spider-Man and the Dr. Curt Connors minimate.

Here’s the official Press Release:

While one high-profile superhero movie is hogging all the attention right now, another one is waiting in the wings, ready to swoop into the spotlight once it has the summer all to itself. That movie is The Amazing Spider-Man, and it looks like it’s going to take the Spider-Man film franchise to a whole new level of action and excitement! Plus, the movie is going to be getting some of Diamond Select’s best Minimates mini-figures yet!

Currently celebrating their 10th anniversary, Minimates are 2-inch mini-figures that feature 14 points of articulation as well as a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories. Hitting in June, the Amazing Spider-Man assortment will be shared between Toys “R” Us and specialty stores (the 46th Marvel wave to be sold at specialty!), with each outlet getting its own exclusive Minimates!

Earl Maghirang