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San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2013 Toy Exclusives

San Diego Comic Convention International

Again it’s that time of the year when geeks would flock to San Diego, California for the annual San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC) . This is an event that is definitely part of my bucket list; it’s my dream geek event, my geek heaven. For those not familiar with SDCC, it’s a four day event (this year it’s from July 18-21) that showcases comic books, toys, video games, anime, manga, movies and everything pop culture. For those who are privilege and lucky enough to go to this year’s event, I came up with a list of 10 exclusive SDCC toy releases.

KIDROBOT Street Fighter Akuma Action Figure

With the increasing popularity of designer toys these days, it would definitely cool to own this cool 3 inch vinyl figure of Akuma from KidRobot.

D-ARTS Bass and Treble 

At SDCC this year, we would see the release of Megaman’s powerful arch-rival Bass and his wolf sidekick, Treble by Tamashii Nation’s D-Arts line.


The TMNT franchise is already making a comeback through Nickelodeon’s animated series at SDCC this year, the turtle’s arch-enemy, Shredder, would surely make his presence felt among long-time fans.

BANDAI Limited Edition Green Ranger

Who doesn’t love Tommy, the Green Ranger? When I was growing up everyone wanted to be the Green Ranger. Now you get a chance to own Tommy’s Green Ranger as a part of your toy collection.

BIFBANGPOW! Sheldon Cooper 

SDCC wouldn’t be complete without a visit from Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper. He comes with complete comic-con ready accessories along with a classic Batman shirt.

HASBRO Marvel Legends Thunderbolts 

For fans of the Marvel Legends toy line, this year Hasbro would release the Thunderbolts six-piece set that includes Judith Chambers, Ghost, Crossbones, Moonstone and Luke Cage.

TOYS R US MASTERPIECE Transformers  Soundwave

Another popular release on this year’s SDCC would be Toys R Us Masterpiece Soundwave Transformer action figures. One of the popular characters of the Transformer’s toy line, this figure comes complete that includes the five cassettes of Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Frenzy and Rumble and it also has Megatron in gun mode.

HASBRO Deadpool Corps

A popular SDCC exclusive, it’s the complete Deadpool Corp! This set features Deadpool, Lady Deadpool, Champion of the Universe, Kidpool, Dogpool and Squirrelpool and it comes along in a taco truck! The figures even come in separate taco shell blister pack. One of my buddies and a Flipgeek contributor himself, Mac Barredo, is dying to own one of these sets. Hahaha.

BLUEFIN Dragonball Z Saiyan Scouter

I think this is one of the coolest releases on this year’s SDCC. This is a must have for every Dragonball fan who grew up along with the anime series. Now you’d get a chance to own a technology of the Saiyan race, your very own Saiyan Scouter.

HASBRO G.I. Joe/ Transformers Crossover Set

I actually save the best for last. I think if there’s any must have on this year’s exclusive releases at SDCC, it would be this bad boy, a set featuring a crossover of of the most popular toy lines ever created, G.I. Joe and Transformers. This set includes Snake Eyes, Baroness with Soundwave’s Ravage, a V.A.M.P Hound, Jetfire Skystriker (whose figure reminds me of Robotech) Blaser, and zombie figure Bludgeon. The price for this set is still left to be announced but from the looks of these figures, for sure this wouldn’t come cheap.


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