Posted December 10, 2013 by Ryan Villanueva in Collectibles

THE SIMPSONS LEGO Coming in 2014


The Simpsons Lego teaser

There’s something great to look forward to in the coming year as LEGO would be releasing figures from one of the longest running TV shows, The Simpsons.  It has been confirmed that The Simpsons LEGO figures would be released early 2014 probably around April or May.

Its reported that the figures would be released similar to the Olympic mini figures that comes in a blind bag that would feature our beloved Simpsons charactes from our first family of Homer,Marge,Lisa,Bart and Maggie up to Itchy and Scratchy. The Simpsons LEGO TV episode would also air the same time that the figures come out May next year. Researching the web I’ve come across some Simpsons Lego figures. Take note that this figures are not official but its nice to see what they could possibly look like.


LEGO Homer


LEGO Marge



Other popular characters that are reported to have their own LEGO figures are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (already released), Donald Duck, Asterix and Obelix, Smurfs and South Park.


LEGO Asterix and Obelix teaser


LEGO Donald Duck teaser

LEGO The Smurfs

LEGO The Smurfs teaser


LEGO Southpark teaser


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