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GEEK HUNT: Checking out Comicx Hub’s Geek Night (12/18/12)

Geek Night at Comicx Hub
In today’s episode of Geek Hunt, Flipgeeks boys – Tony Tuason and Kyle Francisco went to one of our local comic shops — Comicx Hub (CH), located in Metro Manila (Mandaluyong). In this branch of CH, which they call ‘The Warehouse‘ it is where they do this ‘Geek Night‘ in which it involves opening of new shipment of comics as well as getting some free stuff! Last night, those who came got a chance to get some free posters together with their buy pile:

We also saw the new comics for this week on top of their shelves as well as new collectibles such as plushies of Batman, Joker, Gandalf and Gollum/Smeagol!

There were a lot of good titles in this week’s shipment which includes: Hawkeye, the LAST ISSUE of Remender’s Uncanny X-Force (*sob.. Fantomex…),  Daredevil, Captain America, Avengers, Aquaman, aaaaanddd the issue most of the web-heads are waiting for….. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #700!!! We got our first look at this awaited issue, and saw multiple variants which were REALLY AWESOME!

Geek Night at Comicx Hub with Amazing Spider-Man #700 variants and more

And of course, I got the chance to read or skim through the issue and saw the fate of this book! And no matter what other people might say, I’m still on board on what’s gonna happen on Superior Spider-Man. Hope you guys enjoyed the stuff we just shared and hopefully we catch you during our future Geek Hunts! Here’s a pic we took from The Amazing Spider-Man #700 just to tease you, Happy Holidays!!!


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