Posted May 3, 2016 by Norby Ela in Columns

Stay Cool in the Pool with UNICORN Pool Float

ANG INIT DITO SA PILIPINAS! Agree or disagree?

Living in a tropical county is quite a challenge during the summertime. Which is like, ALL THE TIME!

What are one of the best ways to beat the heat? Go swimming by the pool. And instead of using the lame ordinary doughnut or reclining floats, let’s be magical and go to an adventure riding on the 8′  Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float.


It’s the stuff fairy tales (and epic parties) are made of!  And now you can say with a fabulously straight face that your other ride is not only a unicorn, but a Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float!

Haters going to hate, but you’ve got something magical to inflate!  As an added bonus, next time someone says something ridiculous to you, you’ll have a soft fall off your unicorn into a pool full of unicorn tears (made from laughing at their foolishness of course.)

The people from Perpetual Kid made this with a hefty US $99.99 (probably around 4,500-4,700). Pero maslalo ka pa naging macho at sexy when you rolling with this mystical pony

Norby Ela

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