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X-Men Schism – Whats The Deal?

I Smell Civil War for Mutants with Schism.

It seems like the whole mutant world will be once again rocked to its core because of this new “Schism”. And if you base the image from Greg Land for the teaser for Schism, it looks like it’ll all boil down to Wolverine and Cyclops for the leadership of the whole mutantdom.

And in their respective corner, I like their so-called advisers. Magneto and Charles Xavier (who are set to make an appearance in X-Men: First Class).

According to the rumors I’ve heard, Magneto‘s boy would have to be the feral Canuck who seems to share a common goal with the man who once ripped out the adamantium from his skeleton.

Magneto Rips Wolverine a new one in Fatal Attractions

While in the Scott’s corner, it seems like the years old Xavier/Summers gap has finally closed out and it seems like the two have a shared vision as well of what it really takes to lead the mutants.

Well whatever happens this would seem like a very interesting read with the skillful writers like Peter David and Kieron Gillen and hopefully Matt Fraction.

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