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Secret Wars 6 cover
Secret Wars 6 cover
Secret Wars 6 cover


Story by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Esad Ribic
Colors by: Ive Svorcina
Cover by: Alex Ross
4/ 5

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Still maintains a great storytelling; moreover, Ribic’s art RULES!; respect to some Marvel traditional lore; the 8 Year “delicious” Burger! (It’s there, read it); answers some major questions and speculations Proving Secret Wars is still worth following


Delayed!; some “duck faces”; no smash battle as the cover art tantalizes; tie-ins essential readings

To sum it all up..

OPERATION: DECIDE After the epic start and an intriguing and compelling first part, Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic (with Ive Svorcina as colorist) continue their already brand of visual mastery of holding the readers’ interest (despite delays, naturally) I the opening salvo of the second part (and the last one) in Secret Wars #6. Picking […]

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Secret Wars 6 cover


After the epic start and an intriguing and compelling first part, Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic (with Ive Svorcina as colorist) continue their already brand of visual mastery of holding the readers’ interest (despite delays, naturally) I the opening salvo of the second part (and the last one) in Secret Wars #6. Picking up the remnants of the last issue, Hickman illustrates how the omnipotent Lord Emperor God Doom handles a dire situation without his former right hand and enforcer, Doctor Stephen Strange. The writer shows readers the consequences of obliterating the most rational and capable person around, and let ego takes center stage that will definitely influence the succeeding chapters to come (if you try or already figure out the possible outcome of this mega-event by acquiring and reading/browsing the various #1 issues Marvel releases this week, go ahead and do so. I am more focused on the story itself).

The sixth chapter presents nine subplots that are nicely interconnecting with one another without being so messy to read or totally confusing to follow, though it is imperative to pace the reading because each of these possesses significant details and direct connectivity to the other tie-ins of the Secret Wars grand narrative. To illustrate the latter, it is equally recommended to pick up Siege #4 (by Kieron Gillen, fantastic read!) because it helps explain the true and direct connection and the congruency of the events of the transpired and the direction the Battleworld will proceed whether in small details and/or larger scope. Speaking of that title, it is obvious that Marvel writers mesh well and synchronize quite remarkably with Hickman’s overall discourse and direction even though the artists’ respective artistic interpretations of the characters in the tie-in titles may end-up either comparing or judging these to Ribic’s illustrative takes or thinking Marvel could have pick a great illustrator in the same caliber of Ribic among others. Going back to Hickman’s distinctive interlocking petite narrative plots, each of these further sates some of the readers’ curiosity how the surviving characters fair well and even re-connected once again to overthrow/usurp/kill the said omnipotent being. Sure enough, even the contexts of subterfuge, deception, manipulation and machinations are well-played and well-executed placed that transition smoothly to the next potentially exciting chapter (but issue #7 release is moved to next month, same with other remaining issues…what a pain really!).

Another thing I admire here is the respect both Hickman and Ribic present to the traditional roots—characterizations and the iconic objects—on some Marvel stuffs around. For examples, Hickman retains the true prowess the Mad Titan really possesses similar to the Jim Starlin’s original vision: superbly cunning, manipulative, intelligent, uncanny and first and foremost, strategist. Moreover, I love how the true and original Infinity Gauntlet is portrayed after all this time (no thanks to Brian Michael Bendis’s Avengers run!). This is what the all-powerful artifact of destruction and domination should be! And most significantly, this issue reveals some of the burning questions regarding the fates of the certain beloved characters of the Fantastic Four (plus there so-called “official” origins). Hence, Secret Wars #6 continues its already great consistent storytelling.

The art department marks a greater, though slight, improvement. Ribic minimizes the number of the so-called “duck faces” and focuses more in detailing the background and other intricate matters, particularly the faces of the survivors like Captain Carol Danvers Marvel and even the Purple Giant Titan. He continues his minimalist and proportionate anatomical illustrations, which are a great thing. His paneling and sequential flow are commendable to the fact that he really knows how to interpret sharply Hickman’s complicated and grandiose narrative vision. Further enhancing the artist’s already magnificent illustrations is Svorcina’s colors that continue the already beautiful renditions. In short, it is a no-brainer here. And, how could one fail to mesmerize the gorgeous Alex Ross regular cover art at all!

Yet, some issues need to address here. The delay certainly hurts the momentum of this awesome comic event, but gladly the creative team has YET to disappoint many invested readers around. Additionally, some Secret Wars tie-ins like I specifically mentioned above are becoming essential readings to comprehend some of the behind-the-scenes or back stories, or some of the subplots the narrator presented here right now (read: buy those copies as well, nice try, Marvel!). Third, for the first time ever, Alex Ross’s pristine cover art work barely tells directly what is inside the actual events that taken place. Again, some tie-ins may connect the dots, but obviously, an Alex Ross cover art tells something big (and expected more so). Lastly, some of Ribic’s Waterloo artistic lip touches are still present.

Nevertheless, Secret Wars #6 maintains and retains strongly in the narrative and illustrative compartments, shifting the higher gears towards the inevitable as some recent new Marvel titles may suggest. Some questions are answered and the plot thickens more as well. With the true war looming in the next chapter, I am already confident that this mega comic event will proceed as brilliantly as it should be!

Paul Ramos



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