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KOMIKS REVIEW: A magical girl comes in ‘Mahou No Uso #1′

Mahou No Uso #1 cover
Mahou No Uso #1 cover
Mahou No Uso #1 cover


Story by: Meel Banania
Art by: Meel Banania
Cover by: Meel Banania
4.5/ 5

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Banania's art; story has a simple flow; twist provides a surprising sense of escalation

To sum it all up..

Being a magical girl isn’t as simple as one might think.

Posted November 22, 2017 by


Mahou No Uso #1 cover

MAHOU NO USO #1 by Meel Banania is wildly clear about being a magical girl comic. The story is straightforward: Mimori, a high school student, wants to become a magical girl thanks to the shows she watches. The plot progresses quickly and doesn’t leave anything behind and it’s at this point that the story itself starts to take a bit of a sinister turn that’s sure to keep readers glued until the last page.

Banania’s art is clean and she does a great job of showcasing the overall innocence through Mimori while providing a contrasting look with a few monsters in some pages.

Mahou No Uso #1 is a well done comic that prioritizes a nice art style and a simple plot flow and then once that’s clear, out comes a twist that gives the story an interesting change-up that’s sure to make readers stick around for the next issue.

Carlos Alcazaren



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