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REVIEW: Is ‘Batman: White Knight’ Today’s The Dark Knight Returns?

Batman - White Knight 2018 Review
Batman - White Knight 2018 Review
Batman - White Knight 2018 Review


Story by: Sean Murphy
Art by: Sean Murphy
Colors by: Matt Hollingsworth
Letters by: Todd Klein
Cover by: Sean Murphy
5/ 5

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To sum it all up..

Batman White Knight questions whether Batman, indeed, is a savior or cancer in Gotham City.

Posted May 11, 2018 by


When the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime go at it in their never-ending battle, Gotham City suffers the most due to collateral damage. Their battles through the years only caused more deaths, political instability, and infrastructure development impasse. As Gotham declines through the years, the City turns to its White Knight to save them from further destruction. But it poses a question—who is Gotham City’s White Knight?

Batman - White Knight 2018 Review b

Batman: White Knight questions whether Batman, indeed, is a savior or cancer in Gotham City. Sean Murphy perfectly highlights the flaws of the Dark Knight and suggests that his mode of operation in Gotham City destroys more lives than saving. Each issue in the series adds more elements to the story, that if read alone, makes the story more convoluted than coherent. However, if the story is read as a series, the complexities are obviously introduced to highlight criticism on Batman’s war against crime. The series was published at the height of police violence in America. And rightfully so, Batman: White Knight stresses the need for accountability and responsibility. Murphy did a great job addressing these real-life issues in the Batman universe. It is very reminiscent of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

Batman - White Knight 2018 Review a

Interior artwork looks rough and dirty but is architecturally and anatomically correct. The rough lines perfectly complement the dark and mature theme of the story. Too bad DC Comics decided to censor some panels. There are a lot of easter eggs in this story ranging from Batmobiles from different eras and universes to beloved characters from the animated series. The artwork and panel transitions make Batman White Knight a very appealing and enjoyable read.

Batman - White Knight 2018 Review c

Batman: White Knight gives the feeling that it is a perfect stand-alone Batman movie. Moreover, the comic book covers for this series highly suggest that each issue deserves a cinematic release-level of attention. Overall, it is a must-read for Batman fans. I cant think of any reason why it shouldn’t be among the best stories in the Batman lore.

Paolo Ollero



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