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REVIEW: Cowboy Bebop #1: The Bebop Crew Lives On in Comic Form and Needs All the Luck They Can Get



Story by: Dan Watters
Art by: Lamar Mathurin
Colors by: Roman Titov
Letters by: Richard Starkings, Comicraft's Jimmy BetainCourt
Cover by: Stanley 'Artgerm' Lau
Publisher: TITAN Comics
3/ 5

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To sum it all up..

The action is there, and has similar feels to the anime. Story wise, I felt that the first chapter of Cowboy Bebop ended in a way that hasn’t captured the reader yet.

Posted January 26, 2022 by


I was eleven years old when the original Cowboy Bebop anime series came out in 1998, I wasn’t able to see the series then but it was always popular amongst the elder otaku. Funny because now, I am the elder otaku. Your certified ‘geek tita’ or ‘otaku auntie’.

When Netflix announced (that Cowboy Bebop will be adapted into) a live action series, I made sure to watch the anime again.

Needless to say, I saw and understood why director Shinichiro Watanabe’s series is considered as a cult classic. The anime was well ahead of its time, and featured a diverse set of characters, a one-of-a-kind jazz soundtrack and an out-of-this-world neo-noir space adventure that has been lauded by fans and critics for years.

Regarding the live action series, I was actually part of the minority who liked the series and was well, disappointed when Netflix decided to pull the plug and scrap a possible second season.

As cool protagonist Spike Spiegel, who was played by Jon Cho in the live-action version says: Whatever happens, happens. Fans can still enjoy a different iteration of the beloved series in comic book form. London-based TITAN Comics is launching a ‘Cowboy Bebop’ comic book mini series, which lands on January 19. I was able to read the first issue from the series and here are my thoughts.


First, they have a lot of variant covers, from artists such as Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau, Afu Chan, Claudia Ianniciello, and E Yishan. My personal favorite is from Artgerm, whom I had the chance to meet during APCC (where I got a Sailor Moon print and had it signed, and) would love a print of his Cowboy Bebop #1 variant cover. It’s gorgeous!

The comic book run, is set within the Netflix series, since the characters resemble the actors in the live-action version and is part of Netflix’s expansion into other mediums like books and novels. There is also a Cowboy Bebop prequel novel out, entitled: Cowboy Bebop: A Syndicate Story: Red Planet Requiem.

Written by Dan Watters (Lucifer, Wolfenstein) with artwork from Lamar Mathurin (Gumbo) the first comic book from the series, has the crew of the Bebop: Spike, Faye and Jett chasing after a large reward, in the form of an ex-gang member who has in his possession a “lucky” vest. This of course, comes in handy, when three bounty hunters are after you.

The action is there, and has similar feels to the anime. Story wise, I felt that the first chapter ended in a way that hasn’t captured the reader yet, well at least in my case. Without spoiling anything,


I didn’t feel like: I wanted to know what was going to happen next. Also the concept of a ‘lucky vest’ isn’t that catchy to me, although technically, the vest was created to increase probabilities to your favor. I don’t know how that technology works, but hey, they’re living in space, so it can be possible. I guess.

Hopefully things pick up in the second issue.


Ica Hontiveros-Cheng

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