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REVIEW: It is the Joke– err… Jack Napier’s revenge in ‘Batman: White Knight #2′



Story by: Sean Murphy
Art by: Sean Murphy
Colors by: Matt Hollingsworth
Letters by: Todd Klein
Cover by: Sean Murphy
5/ 5

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To sum it all up..

Batman: White Knight will be our generation’s The Dark Knight Returns

Posted November 2, 2017 by



The Joker…err.. Jack Napier has gone sane and he’s out for revenge. He wants break away from the mold of corruption in Gotham City. In order to achieve his goal, he must destroy the symbol of corruption and injustice—Batman.

Batman: White Knight has a lot of comparisons to The Dark Knight Returns. Not only does the book tackles relevant political issues, it also gives the fans something to think about. Is Batman the root cause of all evil in Gotham City? Sean Murphy delves into that question from start to finish. The book also, in a way, tried to break the 4th wall and insulted Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad the movie. You guys should check that out, really great writing.

The interior art is nothing short of spectacular. You really expect nothing less from one of the greatest artists in DC Comics.

Sean Murphy injected a lot of new elements in this book that will prove that he’s making this story bigger than expected. Bigger might not always be what’s best, but the added elements are sure to intrigue fans from across the DC universe.

Having said those, I am really hooked into this series. That says a lot since I don’t like getting into stories that are excluded from the current canon. I have a hunch that Batman: White Knight will be our generation’s The Dark Knight Returns. Definitely a great book!

Review by Paolo Ollero, co-founder of The Dark Knight Philippines, the premier Batman group in the country.

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