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The Comic Book Group 2011 Awards

A comic group for everyone!

Okay, it sounded a lot cooler in the 1940s.

Hi everyone. I’m Leiron. And I’m new here. Forgive me for that awkward introduction. But in the next few days, there are going to be posts here on FlipGeeks (and we are totally grateful for their sponsorship! Totally!) that are all about the very best that the year 2011 had to offer.

And just who’s posting? Well not me (though I do have an entry). It’s a little something that I’m opening to all of you readers out there to join and enjoy. It’s… the COMIC BOOK GROUP!

The Comic Book Group

Maybe you’ve heard of us, which is cool, or maybe you haven’t, which is a great sign of you having an actual life.  We’re those crazy kids last Komikon, screaming ABLOOBLOOBLOO! to find each other around the Bayanihan center, waving a sign with our logo and asking people like Budjette Tan, Gerry Alanguilan, and Rob Cham (who is a moderator!) to hold up for photos. So yeah. A little history about us.

I started this thing on Facebook last May 4 (yes, on May the 4th be with you day!) with around 20 members, mostly friends and schoolmates I had converted to the comic book hobby. We now stand at 750 strong, with 7 moderators. Yes, we’re a Facebook community that caters to Filipino comic book collectors of all sorts and sizes. International, local, superhero, non-superhero, you name it! We have a mandated constitution for member rights and responsibilities, We buy, sell, and trade comics, have regular polls and discussions about relevant issues in comic books, and much much more! We have a weekly calendar (my favorite day is SHOW AND TELL SATURDAY! :D) We also settle disputes in the group with comic book rap battles, but that’s another story. It’s hip, it’s free, and it has all your essential vitamins and minerals for certified geekdom. We have affiliates on facebook (The Video Game Guild, and Film+) started by other members who picked up from the model of online communities I introduced for the CBG, and we’re all basically just one big happy and geeky family.

And now, for the very first time, we’re taking a stab at reviewing the year 2011. These posts are by some of our members, who all know their stuff when it comes to this great hobby. HAVE A COMIC BOOK DAY!

Animated Movie of the Year – Batman: Year One (DC Comics)

Artist of the Year – Francis Manapul (DC Comics)

Character of the Year – Daredevil (Marvel Comics)

Comic Book Movie of the Year – X-Men: First Class (Marvel Comics)

Comic Book Related News of the Year – The DCnU (DC Comics)

Team Book of the Year – Uncanny X-Force (Marvel Comics)

Writer of the Year – Scott Snyder (DC Comics, Vertigo)

Series of the Year – Uncanny X-Force (Marvel Comics)

** Leiron Martija is Bossman Moderator of The Comic Book Group. Which you should totally join. Like, totally.

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