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COSPLAY MANIA 12 to bring popular Japanese Cosplayers REIKA and KANAME here in the Philippines

Cosplay Mania (Cosmania) has been the Philippines’ premiere and biggest event when it comes to Cosplay. The number and variety of cosplayers who attend Cosmania is undeniably huge and diverse, there’s also the culminating Cosplay competition for the nationwide “Tournament of Champions”, and if you think these are the only reason to go to Cosmania then you are wrong!

If there’s one thing that always makes me happy about Cosmania, it’s that they bring in International Guests or Guest of Honors, Cosplayers from other countries! I must applaud the organizers for the effort they put in, because I don’t see other events that does the same. Last year’s Cosmania 2011, they were able to bring in Clive Lee, YukiGodbless, Pinky Lu Xun and JiakiDarkness. This year Cosplay.ph has announced 2 international guests arriving this September, japanese cosplayers REIKA and KANAME.


Known for her Barnaby Brooks Jr. from Tiger and Bunny, Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy XIII and Fan Favorite Cosplay, Ren Jinguuji from Uta no?Prince-sama?. REIKA has shown dedication for Cosplay by actively posting her Cosplay photos daily on Facebook page and TwitterREIKA has visited various Cosplay Events from Thailand, Singapore and China. Now she is excited to come down to Manila!

KANAME? is known worldwide for his cosplay as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach and the most recent cosplay as Ragna the Bloodedge from Blazblue. KANAME? has visited different Cosplay Events in different countries including Singapore, Thailand, China, Indonesia and France. For the First time, KANAME? will be coming to Philippines’s Cosplay Mania.

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