Posted January 15, 2016 by Mari Linsangan in Cosplay

Flipgeeks’ 2016 TOP 5 COSPLAY COSTUME Prediction


Perhaps the most infamous and legendary mercenary in Marvel comics, Deadpool, is hitting the big screen this February. We’ve seen Deadpool cosplayers here and there, but with the movie coming out, we can actually predict a lot of people wanting to cosplay him. We personally know a few who are suiting up on the first day of screening. And who knows, we might even get a full cinema jam-packed of Deadpool cosplayers, now that’s a sight to see.


Mari Linsangan

A Production Coordinator at a small independent movie production company. But despite the busy schedule of filming, she finds time for her hobbies as she's also a bookworm, a gamer, a occasional cosplayer and a certified geek girl.