Posted January 15, 2016 by Mari Linsangan in Cosplay

Flipgeeks’ 2016 TOP 5 COSPLAY COSTUME Prediction


With how big the latest Star Wars movie was (they almost managed to exceed Avatar’s box office win!), we’ve seen a lot of cosplayers talked about cosplaying the main trio and Kylo Ren. Tons of fans are started buying lightsabers not just as a fan but to use as a fight ready prop for cosplay purposes. And with a bad ass main female character, we don’t mind if we see several Reys walking in the convention halls, actually we encourage them! We rarely get this kind of female leads in mainstream fandom these days.


Mari Linsangan

A Production Coordinator at a small independent movie production company. But despite the busy schedule of filming, she finds time for her hobbies as she's also a bookworm, a gamer, a occasional cosplayer and a certified geek girl.