Posted January 15, 2016 by Mari Linsangan in Cosplay

Flipgeeks’ 2016 TOP 5 COSPLAY COSTUME Prediction


One of the anime that hit big in the last quarter of 2015 is One Punch Man. We’ve started seeing a few Saitama and Genos last November and December, which we also remember trended a bit in the cosplay community and social sites. So we expect to see more of them to come out this year, not just Saitama or Genos but probably the whole Hero Association, wouldn’t that be awesome? We applaud all those very dedicated cosplayers who’ll shave or already shaved their head to be the perfect Saitama!


Honorable mentions

We also had a few runner-ups who we think is at least worth mentioning. More Avengers and the Justice League cosplayers will also come out seeing that Captain America: Civil War and Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice are also coming out this year. Moana is also in our runner up list expecting it to be a hit the same way Frozen was to the masses.

Mari Linsangan

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