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FLIPGEEKS’ Guidelines When Attending Cosplay Conventions

Cosplaymania_gundam As cliché and as redundant it is, con-goers do need a regular reminders on what are the things we are allowed and not allowed to do while attending cosplay conventions. Some forget that cosplayers, whether international or local are just humans who needs their privacy and some breathing space, while some forget that staff, marshals and guards are just doing their jobs when trying to stop us from doing something. This causes trouble for some people and ruins their day.

To avoid any hassle and to continue having fun while at the event, here are some guidelines Flipgeeks had come up with to help us when going to a cosplay convention:


Respect everyone, whether they are a marshal, convention staff, guards, cosplayers or even just some convention goers. Some of these people went there to do their job while some came to have fun. We all have our roles to play in each Cosplay convention so it is a must that we respect each other.

Don’t get mad at a cosplayer if they refuse for a picture. They might have been fixing their costumes or are rushing for something important. Respect their privacy. Don’t follow them or wait for them in the bathroom. Don’t stalk them, that’s just creepy.

When buying stuff, be sure to be polite to the sellers, it’s hard to manage a booth, especially with the huge crowd coming in. If you don’t notice them immediately, be patient with them, we’re sure they’ll get with you as fast as they can.


Don’t get mad at the marshals, staffs and guards when you don’t get to do what you want, like going to the backstage or shake the hands of an international guest. There are always ground rules in each convention that these guys just want you to follow, which leads us to the next…

  1. Follow the Convention rules

Almost every convention has the same format, but sometimes ground rules vary from one convention to another. Organizers of these events have their own styles and rules. What may be allowed in another convention might be forbidden in another. So remember to review, ask and learn which are okay to do, bring or even places that you are allowed to go or not.

TIP: There are some conventions that give out guides and schedules after entering the convention hall. Make sure to check those out and not just toss them aside. It’s a great help, especially for first timers.


If cosplaying, make sure you have extra stuff with you. A sewing kit for emergency wardrobe malfunction, Bobby pins, hair bands, glue, extra paints, tapes and band-aids are just some of the stuff you would probably need. Sometimes, things don’t go the way we want, and being prepared for it is a plus.

Bringing extra money is also a part of this. A lot of people sometimes get so overwhelmed with buying goodies that they forget about saving for their transportation fee. Having extra money stashed inside your bag is a good idea in these kinds of situations.

Make sure you know the basic layout of not only the event hall, but also the immediate area of the place it is held. This is important in case of emergencies. So it’s a good idea to research the place beforehand.

  1. Personal space anyone?

It’s a given that every convention, there will be a huge crowd that it would be hard to move about. But please do not shove other people; you are not the only one having a hard time. A simple ‘Excuse me’ would suffice if you want to pass through.

This is also applicable when asking for a photo from a cosplayer. Don’t just take a photo without their permission. Cosplay is not consent. Just because they are in a costume does not mean you are free to just take pictures without them knowing. Please do ask them, it’s the right thing to do.cosplaymania_harley

Don’t just swing your props, especially if they are big ones. Remember that there are a lot of people, you might hit other people. It’s proper to look around first before swinging it for the audience or photographers.

  1. Be mindful of your own things

With the huge crowd, it’s not impossible that there will be someone who would lose something. There will always be a booth where something is stolen. We don’t know all of these people, and as much as we want to trust our co-geeks, we should still be cautious about our stuff.

TIP:  If you can’t mind your things, especially to cosplayers, there are some convention where they would set up a Baggage counter for a small fee, if not, Cosplay conventions are usually held inside the malls, so you can ask a friend or even yourself to drop by the department store or the supermarket’s baggage counter to leave your things for a while.


  1. If you can, be there early!

Based on experience by a lot of con-goers, whether you are there to cosplay or not, is the long line either to the ticket counter or to the entrance hall. To avoid the hassle of getting in line, try to get to the convention as early as you can. The line, if not long goes faster as there isn’t much crowd yet.

TIP: Pre-ordered tickets are a must if you had already planned ahead on attending. If you can’t get there early and would probably be there by the time the crowd had started to come in, at least you would only queue at the entrance and not at the ticket counter. But if you are caught on line, make sure you have something to entertain you while waiting. A book or a game will do!

  1. Take care of yourself.

As much as you want to enjoy the convention, do not forget to eat, drink and rest! Some people get too caught up with watching on stage, taking pictures or even posing for the said pictures, that they tend to forget to eat.

TIP: There is always a space at every convention dedicated to food and drinks. Make sure to note where those are in case you feel hungry. But usually, food inside the conventions is quite expensive, and it’s also common that you are not allowed to bring your own food. If that is the case, there will always be a mall or a restaurant nearby that would satisfy your hunger, which brings you back to number 2, to being prepared. Knowing the immediate surroundings of the place lets you know where it will be cheaper or comfortable to eat.

  1. Make Sure to have FUN!

Cosplay conventions were made for us to have a place we can express ourselves and socialize with people who has the same hobbies as we do. It is a MUST that we all have fun. Unwind and enjoy yourself. Shop all the goodies you can’t normally buy at the mall, wear your best costume, watch the bands and join the contests, have fun and make sure there are tons of memories you’ll stay with when you go home.

TIP: There are a lot of things you can do at a cosplay convention, but don’t stress yourself out on which ones you should do first. Go with the flow, go around and see everything before deciding which one do you like doing first.


Mari Linsangan

A Production Coordinator at a small independent movie production company. But despite the busy schedule of filming, she finds time for her hobbies as she's also a bookworm, a gamer, a occasional cosplayer and a certified geek girl.