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APCC 2016: MILLIE BROWN And Her “Strange” Charm

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Perhaps one of the decade’s “strangest” and most popular pop-culture phenomena to date, Stranger Things became an instant fever the moment it hit the Netflix listings globally. In a span of 48 hours, we’ve seen hundreds of people raving at the series’ unique mythos and concept. Probably, we can attribute its success to its myriad of influences and nods from existing sci-fi and horror tales. Or we can say it’s the innate charm of the protagonists that propelled the show to greater heights.

Or we can just point our fingers to one individual: The esper known as Eleven, played by twelve-year old newcomer and breakout actress Millie Brown.

The Strange Phenomenon Named Eleven

For starters, Brown’s character in the show is a psychokinetic with limited vocabulary and awkward, habitual tendencies, and truth be told, she owned the role perfectly, as if playing Eleven was her fate after all.

“It was kinda crazy, ’cause I auditioned, and then the producers just came to me and said, “You are Eleven,” Brown mused, when she was asked by Delamar during her In Conversation panel at Asia Pop Comic Con 2016 about how she got the role. PchengPhotography_apccflipgeeks (22 of 54)

She also shared just how she loved the characters and how they meshed with Eleven’s eccentric qualities.

“I loved each and every character. I haven’t watched the show, like in full, but I saw the end episode and I was like, “Oh my goodness.” It was amazing.” She also stressed just how her life changed after the show, having granted the opportunity to travel to different parts of US, as well as meeting a slew of amazing people along the way.

While it may be true that living a superstar life can drive your head off the curb, it was an entirely different case for Brown. Nothing much has changed aside from the travelling.

“I am thankful for having an amazing family. They always keep me really grounded. There’s also my brother who kept on reminding me that I’m not a celebrity in our house, and I was like, “Okay, I gotcha brother.”

Believing In The Strange And Supernatural

Delving further into the show, Delamar then moved to ask if she believed in the notion of the supernatural.

“I do,” Brown promptly replied. She then added that it would be cool for people to have unique powers, similar to the vein of her character.

She was then asked if she was attracted to the concept of the supernatural, with Brown mentioning that in a way, she might have been.

“I’ve always been to science fiction, thrillers, and vampires. So I can say, yes.”

The Strange Future of Millie Brown

At one glance, we can easily surmise just how talented this little girl could be. While she has not taken any lighter roles apart from Eleven, the producers were quick to notice the underlying potential within Brown, and that a bright future could be awaiting for her in the biz.

“Everything thus far has been amazing. Although I cannot say much for now if there’s anything to expect. But fingers crossed, there might be”

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She also added that she is open to exploring other roles, as long as the project and role made sense, albeit for now, she wasn’t really expecting anything due to her focus with press work and convention tours.

“For now, my focus lies with the press work, and with meeting amazing people like you guys.”

Indeed, a strangely bright future awaits for this young prodigy, and now that she has taken the world with her talent and charm, it wouldn’t be long before she finds her mark.

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