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Arigatoys Announces Exclusive Revoltech Lootbags for Christmas Toy Fair 2013

This weekend at the 8th Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair, people will flock to buy different kinds of toys and collectibles to give to their friends, kids and loved ones. If you plan to go to a mall for some semi-late Christmas toy shopping, you should definitely go and head out to Megamall where the event will be held.

In the Toy fair, people can expect rare and low priced items. But the guys from Arigatoys, who came up with the idea of giving away lootbag items containing random Revoltech figures (see details here) found another way to make your shopping enjoyable. They decided to make an exclusive lootbag which contains a specific Revoltech figure already. If you look at the image below, you just have to go to the fair (Arigatoys booth specifically) in the specified time and date in order to get EVA Mark .09 (Toy Review here), Gurren Lagann Exclusive Set and Raiden.

See you there!!


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