Posted September 12, 2016 by GP Manalo in Community

CON STORIES: Asia Pop Comic-Con 2016





“I think it was being a fan that made me who I am right now, I was inspired by other artists to make content especially when I went to the local scene at na-inspire talaga ako to come out to people and other creators with their work tapos I wanted to do that as well and some even better to keep making and making. It was really tiring.  The whole being a creator now is really weird dahil it’s still shocking that people are buying your stuff , people read your stuff, people follow you, people really support you in your art.”

“[in meeting a fan for the first time] Actually, I can only tell that person was a fan, because he came from a different con and he went back to a con I was attending just to buy my stuff and I was like ‘wow, this is how having a fan feels like!’ it really pleases you that there are some people that really wants you to follow your craft”

GP Manalo

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