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CON STORIES: Asia Pop Comic-Con 2016





“As a person who actually sees therapy myself, I know how expensive therapy is and I know the stigma behind mental illnesses and the thing is I have always been an advocate in these certain things. You know that medical things could be for free? When I mean medical things I mean our insurance, our laws should cover that and unfortunately it’s not always the case. Since Harleen Quinzel is one of my favorite characters and that she’s a psychiatrist and as a person who is actually going to go through the medical field eventually and be a doctor, psychiatry is the best option that I have that I really want to do. So I was like ‘you know what? Even though I was planning on doing that in the future when I’m really a licensed doctor so that I can actually give legitimate advice, I thought you know what? You don’t need to start then, if you can do it now, because helping people can start as early as now.’ So that’s what I wanted to do, to help people! And maybe eventually when I am licensed, I really plan on renting a booth and then I’ll actually give real help and they could choose if they want to do it in-character or they want to do it as themselves, because y’know what? it’s my way of giving me to a community that gives me so much already. Why conventions? Because I thought it would be fun since I would actually cosplay Harleen Quinzel alanganaman mag cosplay ako ng Harleen Quinzel sa clinic! Hindi yun pwede! Matatangalan ako ng lisensya!”

GP Manalo

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