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MCC List of Guest Superstars!!

Earlier we announced the mystery guest for MCC 2011, who is none other than — David Lloyd !!!

Here is a complete list of guests artists who will appear in MCC!

Guest of Honor

Tony DeZuniga – Jonah Hex
Philip Tan – Green Lantern, Outsiders

Guest Artists

Ariel Padilla – Maze Agency, Tomo, Green Hornet
Budjette Tan – Alamat, Batch 72, Underpass, Trese
Carlo Pagulayan – Elektra, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Agents of Atlas
Carlo Vergara – ZsaZsa Zaturnnah
Ed Tadeo – Wilverine, X-Force, Xmen, Cable/Deadpool
Gerry Alanguilan – Wasted, Elmer,
Harvey Tolibao – Ironman, Avengers: Initiative, Psylocke, X-men
Jason Paz – Agents of Atlas, Hulk, Skaar, Ultimate Thor, Marvel Zombies: Supreme
Jay Anacleto – Aria, Athena, Marvel: Eye of the Camera, Spawn, Vampirella
Jeff Huet – Iron Man, Hulk, Nova, War MAchine, Ultimate Ironman
Julius Gopez – Dragon Lance Chronicles, Fringe, Gears Of War, Wetworks
Kajo Baldisimo – Trese, Defuser, Star Wars
Lui Antonio – Terminator, Red Sonja, Aria
Manix Abrera – Kikomachine, 12
Mark Torres – Zombies Vs. Robots, Trese: Masquerade, Fear Agent
Mico Suayan – Thor, X-men, Wolverine, Moon Knight
Stephen Segovia – Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Vampirella, Red Sonja, Tomas & Kulas
Wilson Tortosa – Wolverine, Tomb RAider, Planet of the Apes
Leinil Yu – Secret Invasion, Superior, Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk, Superman: Birthright

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