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MIBF 2015 Coverage: A Tale of Two Grey Sneakers

You know she does this every year,” Lefty reminded Ryte. “I know, I know! But I still don’t like that place! Never have, and never will! All those dirty, poop-infested streets, and all that walking she does – aaaarrrggghh!!” “Well, we don’t have any choice in the matter. Might as well suck it up and get it over with.” Lefty, being a left shoe, was often the more logical and patient one, compared to his partner Ryte. But before Ryte could reply, their owner grabbed them from their usual place at the stairs landing and after a bit of shoving and loosening of laces, wore them.

And so it began, starting with their arrival at the MRT Station and trudging up many flights of stairs. Fortunately, their owner found an empty seat and they were able to relax a bit for the rest of the trip.

They finally reached their stop, and continued along a series of escalators, stairs, streets and not-too-long jeepney ride to the SM Mall of Asia. After a rather long walk through corridors and escalators, they finally arrived at the SMX Convention Center and steeled themselves for a round of intense walking that usually takes up a better part of the afternoon…


The first order of business was to get the necessary media pass.


Looking up, they saw a very familiar sign.



Which led them to an equally familiar scene – and equally familiar sight.

They then found themselves in another crowded stall of a different sort.

But lo and behold, there were other kinds of stalls as well.

     And then they encountered another familiar sign – the presentation was a bit different, but there was no missing that trademark.


And its wares were unmistakable.

Religion was a constant presence.

Along with lots of local indie comics …

Even an antiquities gallery.

But the strain of cradling aching feet and a rumbling stomach eventually took its toll on their owner. Lefty and Ryte found themselves leaving the SMX Convention Center and going to the SM Mall of Asia so their owner could grab some chow.

But not before their usually-random owner took one last random picture.


-The End-

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