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MUERTOS 2014: A Party Hardy Halloween, University-style!


In a euphoric haze of dancing ghouls and neon lights, UP Diliman’s college crowd proved that Halloween wasn’t just for kids – as the costumed party hardies danced the night away last Friday, October 31, at MUERTOS 2014: A Hallow’s Eve Party!



Horror icons, cartoon characters, superheroes, and various other fictional creatures were all in attendance at the university’s first-ever home college-based Halloween party, held at the very heart of UP’s artistic scene, the UP College of Fine Arts.




Spearheaded by the UP Artists’ Circle Sorority and the UP College of Fine Arts, the event showcased the rich artistry and culture of the college and university all throughout the night – from the venue’s beautifully-crafted Halloween decor to the various activities that entertained MUERTOS’ lively partygoers.




Students flaunted their artistry and craftsmanship by parading their creative and elaborate costumes all around the dance floor. Merchandise booths set up by various college organizations also showcased shirts, dolls, and stickers designed by UP Fine Arts’ young talents.




The organizers also brought out the students’ competitive sides by holding costume contests, a drinking relay game for the student organizations, and a hilarious “awkward dancing contest” for individuals!

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All in all, MUERTOS 2014 was one heck of a night to remember that transported the Flipgeeks team and all other attendees into a haunted party club of sorts – with wild creatures and costumed crusaders celebrating Halloween by dancing to electronic beats and partying the night away!



We can’t wait to see what kind of Halloween events the university scene will have in store for us next year. Till then, we hope you guys had a fun and spooky Halloween night as well!

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