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FG MUSIC: Not Your Typical Valentines #SatchmiFeels Celebrates With Music and Quips on Love


Love and music have always been an undisputed pair that has had a constant presence in our lives and on the most romantic weekend of the year, these two come together once more to bring all the #Feels back; and no one does that better than Satchmi, a cafe and record store, located at the 4/F of the Mega Fashion Hall.

Refusing to look at Valentines from it’s typical ‘red hearts ensemble’ #SatchmiFeels makes sure to give everyone a great time on Valentines Day, couples, folks on a date, the singles, or even those who are well…‘bitter’. #SatchmiFeels celebrates (yes, celebrates) all those crazy things that love makes us feel, whether it’s joy or heartache, you can count on Satchmi to give it their own unique twist.

Upon entering the store, smooth live music is already playing and the smell of coffee is sure to put you in a good mood. Folks are chilling, with either a beer (from Craftpoint) in hand, or enjoying some of Satchmi’s signature coffee drinks. There was also cute and yummy cookies,

Honestly, I wasn’t familiar with any of the bands who would be performing that night but I never let that stop me from going to gigs and event because I love discovering new acts! Plus, I have great confidence in Satchmi, they have great taste in music after all.

Here are the acts (I will definitely be looking into) that performed last Saturday:

Hannah + Gabi


I especially enjoyed Baihana’s 90’s medley, being a 90’s kid myself I had fun at the impressive (and with harmonies) medley of Britney Spears, Boybands and Girlbands. :)

As if the chill event was not enough there was also lots of good news going around. First, was the obvious expansion of the Satchmi Store, they let the cat of the bag that it’s going to be a….(drum roll please)….a CAFE! Yehey! The opening of the cafe, means food, more choices on the menu plus more space for events! We’re really looking forward to that!

We may have already mentioned it but just in case you forgot…Satchmi is opening a new store! Wohooooo – this one will be situated in Quezon City, the exact location is still under wraps.

What is not under wraps though is that VINYL DAY is happening on April 30! Wohooo! Mark your calendars! And it’s happening at UP Town Center! Definitely lots of exciting news for Satchmi this year and we hope to see you at there future events.

Have you ever thought that Valentines is over rated? Did you ever feel like you’re having an aneurysm whenever you see all those couple in red? (worse, sometimes even couple shirts). Well #SatchmiFeels is just the cure for all the usual Valentines obligatory traditions. Whether you want to spend the night alone, with friends or with your special someone #SatchmiFeels welcomes everyone with open arms and no one is judging you whether you have a date or not. The Music in itself (and the great company) is the great Valentines gift, which we all gave each other.

So, thank you Satchmi for another awesome #SatchmiFeels event! Looking forward to next year!

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