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OTAKU Expo 2012 was LOADED!

Otaku Expo Reloaded 2012

Before the super rainy week that hit Metro Manila last week, OTAKUs gathered up for the event “OTAKU EXPO Reloaded” that was held last August 4-5 at the Megatrade hall.

First of all, kudos to the organizers of the expo! It had a small venue but it was really surprising that the venue was packed — cosplayers, con-goers, booths and lots of different exhibits. If you’re an Otaku or “anime fan”, or you have this interest in manga, anime, model kits and other Japanese stuff OTAKU EXPO did a great job in bringing them to us.

And of course, what Otaku event would it be if it doesn’t have any Gunpla and other model kits in it!!

Cosplayers with cool and detailed costumes also went to the event, check some pics below:


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