Posted August 11, 2018 by Chei Pumanes in Gaming

Black Desert Online SEA: The Great Ocean Update part 2


Last week Pearl Abyss released the first part of the The Great Ocean Update where a new territory was made available for adventurers to explore. This week, PA has released the 2nd part of the update that includes enhancements to the game’s graphic and audio quality. If you think Black Desert Online’s graphics was breathtaking then, wait till you see how much the graphic quality has improved after this week’s patch

2018-08-11_4042011 2018-08-11_3976133

Part of this week’s update also included a New Guild Raid Boss known as Puturum, a giant ancient weapon looking monster in the image of a bird. Scrolls to summon the new boss can be obtained by completing Valencia Boss Subjugation missions. Puturum is said to drop a “ Soiled Crescent Ring “ that gives a chance to obtain a “ Ring of Crescent Guardian “ accessory.




The last part of the update is set to be released by next week. More information about the The Great Ocean Update and the game itself can be found in their website. Want to play Black Desert Online SEA? Now’s the time to get a game pass! All packages are currently 30% off. For more information about the package details, see here.

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