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Black Desert SEA’s August update: The Great Ocean



Great News Black Desert Adventurers! Pearl Abyss has announced the release of the game’s next big update happening today, August 2, 2018! Known as the “ The Great Ocean Update “, players will now be able to explore a new territory known as the Magoria Sea plus other new exciting stuff! Given the massive size of the upcoming update, PA has decided to divide the update into three parts with each part to be released every week starting August 2nd.

So what’s to expect in the coming patch you may ask? Well then, if you’ve decided to set sail across the great ocean, expect to fight against great sea monsters, pirates, and specters that lurk within the great sea desert. If you think crossing the great Valencian desert was tough, wait till you set sail across the great sea desert in hopes of reaching Port Ratt situated in the new continent. Aside from just sailing across the great ocean, adventures can also choose to dive into the deep waters in search of secret caves that may contain treasures! New bigger and better boats will become available for adventurers to build for their sea voyages. PA has also mentioned that enhancements to the game’s graphics and audio will be included in the three-part update so players will enjoy an even more immersive gaming experience.

To celebrate the upcoming update, PA will be releasing the winning player created costume for Berserkers, known as “ Jungle Beast “, along with a 30% discount on all of the packages.

Pearl Abyss_BDO SEA PR Image 2_080218_EN

Do you think you have what it takes to sail across the great ocean? Bring your friends with you and set sail towards the unknown across the great sea desert!

More details about the update is expected to be revealed throughout the course of the entire
update, for more information about the update, ongoing events, please refer to their website.

For information about the discount on the Packages, you can refer here.

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