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Blizzard’s ‘Heroes’ Takes PH by Storm

Last May 9, 2015, Play Park, in partnership with Blizzard, commenced its first ever “Heroes of the Storm” gathering at Mineski Infinity Taft Manila. With tons of giveaways, hours of friendly gaming, and fun folks, “Heroes of the Storm” assembly of heroes was one successful event.

The event kicked off at 1pm but players arrived as early as 11am during the set up, said Rio Encarnado of Play Park. Comprised with simultaneous game tourneys like Scrim Matches and King of the Hill playoffs, the heroes gathering also provided a good partial space for gamers to their free to play event.

The Scrim Matches highlighted the friendly gaming atmosphere as six teams battled it all out with each other. Team Bibingka wins the roster and heads home as the Scrim Match Winners. Team #MayweatherMagmahal on the other hand, got the title of the King of the Hill champions as they lasted among other teams and garnering the most winning streaks.

Players faceoff with other players as they enjoy the free to play event all afternoon.

Players faceoff with other players as they enjoy the free to play event all afternoon.

Veterans of Blizzard games played off all afternoon, some trying out the game for the first time – as Play Park are also giving away free beta keys to aspiring gamers – and others outdoing each other in friendly team matches. This “Heroes of the Storm” gathering is definitely the start of more heroes events to come.

When asked about their thoughts on the game, Elpi, 23 years old, said that, “It actually beat the expectations I had. I’ve been playing Blizzard games since PS1, and what I like most about Heroes is that it has a nice mechanic, good objective style, and has a fast pace. I also think that removing the farming in the game made it a lot better since farming took a long time and just drag out.”

FG Heroes of the Storm gathering King of the Hill

Heroes of the Storm is the new beta team brawler game of Blizzard Entertainment. In a usual 5v5 game play, players can choose their hero from the familiar line up of legendary heroes of Diablo, Warcraft, Star Craft, and Hearthstone gathers in Nexus to battle and with easy to use commands, fast pace game, new maps (not just towers but towns), this game sways a bit from Blizzard stereotypes. The whole game itself is objective oriented. Accomplish the objectives, win the game (yes, that’s regardless of your enemy kills too).

One of the main events: Scrim Matches

One of the main events: Scrim Matches

Heroes of the Storm will launch its open Beta on May 20, 2015. You can download the game here.

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