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Deadpool Game Review

Hey boys and girls, High Moon Studio‘s most anticipated game for the year has finally come out: Deadpool: The Game. This game follows the wacky gun-toting, sword wielding adventure of Wade Wilson, the merc-with-a-mouth. To those who are new to the character, Deadpool is a gun for hire who was taken into the Weapon X program (which we all know is responsible for Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton.) and was infused with Wolverine’s DNA which essentially gave him the same healing factor as his predecessor.  The game itself has a lot of fun factor in it starting from the very beginning where you are introduced inside Deadpool’s very organized and sparkly clean apartment (I meant that in the most sarcastic way possible LOL!) and you will start to be acquainted with his famous “4th wall” breaking speech bubbles. You can interact with almost anything on this stage from the TV to the toilet bowl (I wont spoil the fun don’t worry.)

After tinkering with almost every possible stuff inside that hell-hole of an apartment, I was then introduced to a simple tutorial of the fight controls. It is kinda hard if you’re using the keyboard and mouse but a few mins of playthrough should get you used to all of it. Actual battles is a cross between Darksiders and DmC so fans of the same genre should be able to catch on quick. The levels are well designed, but I would have wanted more out of it since I was presented with a fully interactive environment at the onset of the game which really brought more fun to the actual game.

Enemies are fairly easy if you get to fight one to three at the same time, the hard part is if five or more hit you all at the same time especially if they’re three times your size (healing factor can only do so much!) The enemy AI is fairly good in terms of ganging up on you and really trying to take you down as if they know that you have gnarly healing powers.

All throughout the game you will never get bored with Deadpool’s wise cracking jokes and he will even use some famous lines that are hard to miss. Speech bubbles come in it’s standard bipolar nature which actually brings out most of the fun moments in the game. The best part for me here should be the numerous cameos from some of our favorite Marvel personalities like Cable and Wolverine who’re actually perfect for some comedic scenes that are not to be missed.

Graphically speaking, Deadpool doesn’t boast the best graphics in the industry but it’s visually good enough to bring some eye candy to gamers and fans alike. I played the PC version so I am not able to provide an actual comparison with console versions on this review.

The Marvel/Deadpool fanboy in me is yearning for more of this game but sadly it was a tad too short when you play through the whole story line. I’m still hoping for more sequels or at least some DLC’s for this in the near future.

I rate this game 4 Chimichangas out of 5

Deadpool is now out for PC, Ps3, and Xbox 360

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