Posted February 10, 2016 by Dian Raval in Entertainment

Destiny’s New ‘Crimson Doubles’ PvP Mode Goes Live Today

When the majority of society is fighting over reservations, raiding Wonka’s factory, and setting new world records for “Netflix and Chill“, gamer lovebirds spend their Valentine’s doing what they do best – play video games. And Bungie, Inc, the minds behind Halo and Destiny, wants to be their ultimate gaming chaperon.

Starting February 9th ( 5:00pm local time )2016 up to February 16th, 2016, Destiny will roll out their new Crimson Days event. That’s 2 weeks of Valentine’s themed activities and rewards, most of which will be exclusive for the duration of the event.

The most exciting feature of the Crimson Days event is the new PvP mode called the Crimson Doubles. It’s a 2 v 2 Eliminations type match with a passionate twist. Standard elimination rules apply ( You lose if your team gets wiped out, Counter Strike Stylezzz. Revives available ) but in Crimson Doubles, when a player’s partner dies, they get a buff called ‘Broken Heart‘. This buff  maxes out the living player’s Armor, Agility, Recovery, and Weapon Handling speed. The player only loses the buff when both enemies are killed, the round ends, or when the buffed player dies (obviously). Be sure to have a buddy with you because this is a non-matchmaking-enabled game mode. If you really don’t have anyone to play with (cue in sad violin), don’t worry, your ultimate bro before err.. unladylike humanoids of the female variation… will have “Crimson Bonds” quests for you to enjoy… alone.

What I’m personally excited about are the new exclusive emotes from Eververse, Destiny’s micro-transaction store. I don’t know about you guys, but there’s no way I’m not getting that ‘Hotline Bling‘ emote. Ohhh, Bungie. You know me so well…


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