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ESGS 2014: WAKFU Game Preview – A new game mixed with classic gaming!

We were fortunate enough to be part of this year’s ESGS and one of the games we got to test was Ankama Games very own MMORPG: Wakfu.

Wakfu is a tactical turn-based MMORPG very much like Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics. It employs strategy and traditional role-playing action all together in one massive online treat to all fans of the genre. What makes the game a cut from the rest is its massive economy system where one example would be hunting one specific species of monster may cause the rarity of that particular beast to go up. This resource management system also applies to harvesting crops and the such.


The game has several classes to choose from along with a myriad of different spells which are all available at the very beginning with your choice what to improve further. It also utilizes an election system where some players may get to be elected as an actual government official or simple militia men. This would either be an advantage to the player or also be one big challenge.

Ankama Games launched the game was launched way back in February of 2012 and just recently opened its doors to curious gamers like us at this years ESGS. We were really amazed by how polished the game is and the character design is superb. I was merely speechless when I started testing the game at their booth and this looks to be a game that will eat up a lot of my time.



I was also surprised to know that they also have an animated spin-off of the game, comic books, a trading card game, and even a board game. The guys at the booth were generous enough to give me a sample figure from the board game and it looks awesome. I may have to refer the review of the figure to our toy peepz here with pics to follow.


Overall, I was really amazed at what I saw and experienced with the game. It made me question myself why I only found out about this game only now. I would definitely recommend this game to any RPG fanatic and casual gamer around. We also look forward to watching the series although I believe it’s still dubbed in french. We’d love to try out the board game too! This game simply has a lot to offer! We’re looking forward to what’s in-store in the future!

Wakfu is developed by Ankama Games and published by the same company in Europe while it’s published by Square Enix in North America. It’s available right now for download with MAC and Windows at their official website.

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