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ESGS 2015: Philippine Game Development Spotlight

E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) 2015  is a wrap. Once again proving to be the biggest Philippine gaming event of the year. Though the E-Sports scene was still very much alive, the Philippine game development scene took center stage. ESGS was teeming with talent all over, showcasing some of the most creative, and innovative games I’ve seen all year.

This list is but a splinter of all the brilliant games that were at ESGS 2015

Dungeon Souls by Mike Studios

Dungeon Souls is an enchanting top-down twin-stick rougelike that focuses greatly on character build synergy. The game is already a big hit on Steam, and what’s more impressive is that it is almost entirely made by one guy!

Lithium City by Games by Nico

Lithium City is an isometric action shoot ‘em up much in the same sense as in Hotline Miami. This game won the top spot at ESGS and I absolutely agree with the verdict!

Partey Pooper and Hue Hue Blaster by Skillshot Labs

Partey Pooper is a charming little mobile game where the main objective is to, you guessed it, defecate at parties. You simply tap at the screen to commence pooping whilst avoiding the party goers’ lines of sight.

Hue Hue Blaster is a color matching game where you prevent the falling objects from reaching the bottom of the screen by blasting them with the corresponding color.

Both games by Skillshot Labs showcase a simplistic cutesy art style similar to games like Dumb Ways to Die and Frobisher Says. Skillshot Labs is a BGC based web and game development company made up of 20 people whose brains are swelling with creativity.


I’ve also noticed that a lot of them were using the Unity game engine by Unity Technologies. So for aspiring developers out there, you might want to look into that.


These titles barely scratch the surface of the full roster at ESGS. Next year can only get bigger. Be sure to check back at Flipgeeks for upcoming full-length reviews from these games.


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