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FINAL FANTASY XV – Version 1.13 is now available!

If you have long finished Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) and its DLCs, its recent update, version 1.13 would put you back in the game. I appreciate that Square Enix has really made a constant effort to make fans of FFXV get their money’s worth. With version 1.13, we’re presented with the following:

* Redesigned Magitek Exosuits – Remember the whole Power Ranger fiasco?


The new Magitek Exosuits are more suited for enemies in my opinion due to their appearance. The description indicates that these are special suits recovered and repurposed by Cid that use magitek energy to generate a barrier that wards the wearer from harm.


Before suiting up. (Photo courtesy of Prompto)


Oh yeah! (Photo courtesy of Prompto)

* A new quest in Meldacio HQ (from Chapter 8 onwards) – a tragic story between your fellow Hunters, this is a Level 99 quest named “O Partner, My Partner”


On the way to Melusine.


Not another Snake Girl! (Photo courtesy of Prompto)

• A new form of attack (Rush Link)
• A temporary reopening of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, which will be open until late September 2017



Time to Relax…


And breathe it all in.

Do you think Square Enix is committed to the game or just trying to appease some disappointed FF fans? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below.

Patch Notes

Size: 2.534 GB (PS4); 3.18 GB (XB1)

• Addition of a new quest (available at Hunter HQ from Chapter 8 onward)
• Implementation of Cross Chain combination attacks (from EPISODE: DUSCAE)
• Distribution of Magitek Exosuits (no separate DLC required)
• Temporary reopening of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival until the end of September
• Various bug fixes
• Magitek Exosuits do not work in Timed Quests

Adrian Victoria