Posted March 16, 2016 by Dian Raval in Entertainment

Geek Facts — Destiny: The Taken King’s Basketball Court of Oryx


Did you know… that in Bungie’s space shooter, Destiny: The Taken King, there is a hidden room in the King’s Fall Raid players have dubbed The Basketball Court of Oryx?

It is believed to be an easter egg parody of The Court of Oryx and has no known use other than to play a pointless game of hoops with your raid buddies.

Destiny’s lead Raid designer had this to say about the room on his twitter:

Many are disappointed to learn that there is no purpose for this room, specially considering the effort players have put in discovering this area. Some have come to terms with this really just being a spoof room, but many still believe that there may still be more to this room than what the devs wants players to think.

Here’s a YT video by Datto featuring the room and how to access it:

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