Posted July 28, 2016 by Dian Raval in Columns

Here’s a List of Great Superhero Games You Can Play Right Now


Marvel Heroes 2016

This game has come a long way into becoming one of the best MMORPGs for any comic book fan. Players can choose from a diverse and frequently expanding roster of heroes and villains. Each playable character comes with different unique archetypes and skill trees, a hallmark for any rpg. All characters are free to play up to level 10 at which point players can choose unlock a character to level up further using an in-game currency. Spending in Marvel Heroes is entirely optional. But if you really don’t mind throwing money on this game, you could always get vanity items like costume variants for your hero. Want to dress up your Iron Man into his Hulkbuster Armor? Knock yourself out.

The idea of playing an MMO dungeon crawler as one of your most favorite superheroes in the marvel universe is quite enticing, and Marvel’s frequent updates and additions are sure to keep you hooked for months.

Dian Raval

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