Posted January 6, 2015 by Derek Vicente in Gaming

INDIE ZONE: ‘The Way of Life’ is Symbolic and that’s about it… for now

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The Way of Life

The Way of Life is a game of interpretations captured from the eyes of its three characters: a businessman, an old man, and a kid. Upon completing the Early Access version of the game from Steam within seven minutes, I wondered how this could be improved, seeing that the developer wanted us to see life in an accepted reality its characters had been programmed to envision.

The developers brilliantly attached what most of us would think when life shifts from imaginary adventure to daily walks in the pedestrian lane – The Way of Life is a simple but terrifying window view into that reality. There’s nothing really special about this game; it simply guides us to a prejudiced realm that a different age group will categorically understand and nod to.

Three levels are available for play. The first two, played from the standpoint of a businessman and old man gives an impression of how dull and scripted life becomes. The symbolic compass of life is strong in this game.

We don’t know for sure if additional levels will be inserted, although community feedback is very positive. Let’s see how the developers will continue.

The Way of Life is available as free-to-play on Steam.

Derek Vicente

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