Posted July 15, 2014 by Chloe Cabrera in Gaming

Limited Edition FROZEN PS4 Coming To Japan!

It looks like the worldwide Frozen craze is coming to the PlayStation4, with Sony set to release a limited edition Frozen PS4 in Japan this week!

Frozen PS4

The special PS4 will feature a laser stencil of movie characters Elsa and Anna on its hard-drive bay cover. Instead of sporting a snowy white paint job, however, it will only come in the standard black color. The console will be priced at ¥42,980 (roughly $425) and is scheduled to hit Japanese stores on July 16.

Sony has not given any explanations regarding the console’s limited availability, but it could be related to Frozen’s overwhelming success in Japan. The movie was number one at the Japanese box office for 16 straight weeks before being dethroned by fellow Disney movie Maleficent.

Japanese PS4 sales have been slow compared to North America and Europe, so this could be Sony’s attempt to try and boost the console’s sales in the country.

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