Posted April 29, 2016 by Ryan Villanueva in Gaming

Microsoft is Team Iron Man!


With the release of “Captain America:Civil War” there’s a current debate whether who’s better, Iron Man or Captain America? We may help in making that decision after you see our feature.


Microsoft just produced an Iron-Man themed Xbox One in celebration of the movie Captain America: Civil War. With a spot-on Stark Industries logo along with a light-up ” arc reactor” as the centerpiece with a matching controller that also has its own arc reactor to boot!


However, sadly, this is not mass produced. Only three units were made and are being given away by Xbox France. For now, all we can do is gaze upon this beauty. I wonder if Playstation will release a Captain America PS4. It’s only proper don’t you think?


A custom-made Playstation 4 decal.


Since the console wars have been going on for years. The real question now is; are you Team Xbox or Team Playstation?


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