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New Characters And Gameplay Features for TEKKEN 7 Revealed!

The first series of location testing for the upcoming fighting game Tekken 7 had begun, and a few details were revealed regarding the said entry.

New Challengers

In typical Tekken fashion, new characters were introduced during the initial testing rounds. One of those characters is Claudio, a Spanish fighter who seemingly exhibits Devil-gene like abilities with his right arm.


Another debuting character will be Katarina, a Latin American combatant with a kick-oriented style and sassy attitude. She was introduced during the course of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, highlighting her initial designs, as well as dynamics.


Claudio and Katarina will be joining in the fray alongside series regulars Kazuya, Heihachi, Lars, Asuka, Lili, Alisa, Paul, Law, Xiaoyu, King, Dragunov, Bryan, Leo, Feng, Steve, and Hwoarang. Noticeably, Jin Kazama and a couple of franchise staples were not included in the testing version. No word has been received yet regarding the fate of the said protagonist.


Power Crush

The testing weekend also offered players some hands-on time with Tekken 7’s new Power Crush moves, which allow a fighter to ignore incoming blows and complete their desired attack. While performing a Power Crush, the fighter still receives damage, so even though you’re getting off an attack, keeping an eye on the health bar is key to Power Crush’s success.


Rage Arts

Taking inspiration from Street Fighter x Tekken, the other new addition to the series is Rage Arts, whereby a player’s attack damage increases when health falls below a certain threshold. Once the mode is activated, it also grants access to extra special moves to turn the tide of battle.


There’s also been some balancing updates. Spring kick has been changed to LK+RK, while pressing back while on the floor now results in a back rise.

Currently, there’s no release window for Tekken 7, but rest assured, as soon as we hear one, we’ll be sure to let you know. Check out all of the testing roster’s Rage Arts movesets via the video above!

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