Posted July 2, 2018 by Dian Raval in Gaming

Ragnarok Mobile English Version Coming Soon!


With every major MMORPG that makes the jump to mobile like Lineage 2 and Dragon Nest Mobile, my yearning for a mobile version of Ragnarok Online only keeps growing! Just as all hope of it ever happening totally fades, new information regarding Ragnarok: Eternal Love has suddenly surfaced. Information that’s sure to reignite the hype of even the slightest of fans.


For the uninitiated: Ragnarok: Eternal Love is the mobile spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online, the PC MMORPG that swept the entire nation off its feet for almost 10 years. The mobile version is developed from the ground up, with new visuals and key gameplay elements that are both refreshing and faithful to the original classic. Ragnarok Mobile showed it’s face to the world in late 2016 and went on a closed-beta campaign a year later. The game was only available to China then, but talks of English Localization and development of a South East Asian version soon followed. Unfortunately, there has been little to no news about those since… until now…

Apparently, the official Ragnarok: Mobile website for the Thai server went live. You can find it here: http://ragnaroketernallove.com/ but there’s not much on there yet and only seems to serve as a placeholder. Nevertheless, this is great news, because this is good evidence that the SEA rollout is currently ongoing, and at any point, a PH server might just make an appearance as well.

Not only that, the Thai server will apparently come with English text. Meaning, if the Thai server won’t have any IP restrictions in place, some fans might be able to play this version while waiting for a proper release for our region. We’re all super excited about these new developments and we’ll be sure to give you all a heads up for all the latest! Be sure to keep it locked here on www.FlipGeeks.com, ROK On!

Dian Raval

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