Posted December 23, 2016 by Dian Raval in Gaming

NieR: Automata Demo out now on PlayStation Store



If you’re a sucker for Platinum Games, chances are you’ve heard of NieR: Automata. Now, you can do more than just hear about it ‘coz a free playable demo is downloadable now on the PlayStation Store. Sucker for Square Enix games too? Even better! Released along side the demo is a new trailer showcasing some pretty iconic weapons from other Square Enix titles. ( Noctis’ Engine Blade anyone?)



The demo lets you play as YoRHa No. 2 Model B (android 2B) in an abandoned factory level tasked with destroying a massive enemy weapon awaiting within. As with most Platinum Games titles, the combat is slick, action-packed, and possesses their trademark fast-paced style gameplay. It also comes with a variety of difficulty levels, from casual to rage-inducing, challenging fans to beat it on the highest difficulty.

And to top everything off, you can now pre-order the Day One Edtion straight of the PlayStation Store. In addition to 6 DLCs that comes with the Day One Edtion, you’ll get 3 additional DLCs and a static PS4 theme as a pre-order bonus.




Speaking of pre-orders: Square Enix also recently announced the Nier: Automata Black Box Edition which includes a YoRHa android 2B figurine, a 64 page hardback artbook, a soundtrack, bonus DLCs, a steelbook case, and special collector’s box. These come in limited quantities so you better hurry if you aim to score one of these badboys.




The game is set to be released on March of 2017 on PlayStation 4 with a PC release set to follow later in the year. Hopefully the demo is enough to keep us all satisfied before the full game arrives.


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